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This site was made by the friends of old town Plassac association in order to provide a full range of useful information to tourists, teachers and their pupils, hikers and walkers, and all the people who are interested in the historical, archeological and natural local heritage.

The Villa

First, the archeological space of the Gallo Roman villas is presented (linked to the website, property of the department board of Gironde) and the nearby museum established and handled by the association. Visiting and entrance ticket (including on line) purchase conditions are indicated as well.

With Plassac being certified an “old town”, the site also enables users to discover the main elements of the local and small heritage: history, guided hiking or walking tours, Montuzet’s former convent, the harbor, Monconseil or Bellevue chateaux, Saint Pierre church, green island…

The department board of Gironde arranges guide and hosting services around the site, the museum and the virtual reconstitution. 


The associative museum

"The friends of old town Plassac association" is presented for citizens and local collectivities; how the association is run and projects being put into place are shown.

Finally, a dialogue box enables the potential visitors or scientists to get in touch with the people in charge of reception or with the leaders of the association.  


From Bordeaux, on the A10 motorway, take exit 40 a (Royan-Blaye,) drive to Blaye. You can also take exit 40B and drive through Bourg/Gironde.

Two car parks are at your disposal near the archeological site (close to the church or city hall).